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Addressable (Fire Dection & Alarm System)

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The 800 Series detectors are supplied in an extremely robust and reliable fully sealed construction, which has undergone stringent environmental type testing. All electrical contacts are moulded into the plastic to eliminate any movement.
The detectors are constructed from hardwearing Fire Resistant FR110 Bayblend. The multi-sensor detectors are environmentally friendly.
They use no radioactive parts and can be returned to the factory for recycling at the end of their life.
All 800 Series detectors are supplied with integral dust covers as part of the packagin. Dust covers are retained throughout installation and removed at commissioning time.

Installation & Service Features

The 800 Series MX VIRTUAL detectors include a host of installation and service features which are provided to reduce installation and service costs and reduce repair times.

  • • Standard bases with multiple mounting options speed and simplify installation
  • • Unique ‘'park’' position for commissioning and service procedures
  • • Detector Addressing programmed from the MX SERVICE Tool orMX Panel
  • • Address flag - fixed to the base to prevent mix ups during service
  • • Compatible with Tyco 600 and 900 Series bases –- for easy upgrade
  • • Panel Auto-Config and Self learn functions –- supported by the detectors
  • • Full range of remote installation and service tools
  • • Dirty Detector Read-out can be viewed on the MX SERVICE tool or panel

Detection Modes

All 800 Series detectors communicate to the MX detection panel using the fast reliable MX DIGITAL loop protocol. This allows each detector to operate in one or two of several detection modes, thus allowing it to be easily optimised to the risk.
To meet detection applications with multiple risks the 811PH and 811CH detectors allow two detection modes to operate simultaneously.

Virtual Detectors

The use of virtual detection means that installations can change the detection mode without any physical change, taking place. Not only can the detection be changed at the time of installation and commissioning but also during the life of the vessel as vessel usage changes.
Some MX detection panels even allow the detection mode to be changed at different times of the day or automatically as occupancy and activity in the space changes.
As well as providing great flexibility, using only two detector models means whole life costs are reduced by reducing manufacturing, stocking and service stocks. This also reduces the number of times detectors have to be changed during the life of the installation.

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