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Best choice for your safety from fire! Welcome to the Dong Bang Marine website.

Management Policy

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Best choice for your safety from fire.
Welcome to the Dong Bang Marine website.

Company Introduction

We at Dong Bang Marine are committed to providing you with fire extinguishing equipment specialized in marine vessels to manufacture, install, sell, inspect, and manage fire detection & alarm equipment, fire extinguishing systems, and gas sensing solutions on land and at sea. We place our priority on consumer safety against fire and strive to develop and supply automated fire extinguishing equipment aimed at suppressing fires in the early stages, which occur at a larger scale these days.

Based on accumulated on-site experience and technologies, we offer comprehensive, reliable, and systematic technology services on fire prevention and protection. Your satisfaction always comes first, and we hope to be remembered as a company that treats all consumers to the highest standard.

Company Vision

DBM shall be a significant player in the process of renewal, development and promotion of solutions which are Aimed at improvising the functionality and safety of customer operations.
Our vision is demanding and represents an ambitious goal for the organization and each individual employee. Constant revision and simplification of our structures and routines make a strong competitive edge.

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