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Automatic Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System

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This system is installed in accommodation spaces and other service on the vessels such as passenger ships and car ferries. The sprinkler dsystem is the most effective at its early stage in extinguishing frie.
Operation of sprinkler-system Immediately after fire breaks out in a protected area, the intense heat rises rapidly under ceiling zone.
As soon as the ambient temperature has reached the set release temperature, the glass bulb bursts and the sprinkler is activated.
The sprinkler pressure tank contains fresh water, which being discharged into protected area, at a constant pressure level.
When sprinkler nozzles are actuated, the sprin-kler system is activated resulting in a pressure drop in the sprinkler storage tank.

Water supply is provided with adequate pressure by dedi-cated pump set which is arranged to start automatically when the pressure falls down below set point of the pump's start-up relay.
The sea ensures an inexhausible supply as fire extinguishing agents, posing no threat to passenger and crew.
For safety reasons, he sprinkler pumps con be operated form the ship's main and emergency switchboard.

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