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Conventional (Fire Detection & Alarm System)

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SP08 and Repeater SP16 and Repeater


The SP08 fire control and indicator panel is intended for marine use and completes with integral power changeover unit and standby power supply designed with its ancillary units to meet marine equipments.
The high degree of component reliability and uncomplicated circuit design employed in this unit combine to produce an extremely low failure rate in service.


  1. 1. Up to eight detection zones.
  2. 2. Two wire detector circuits.
  3. 3. Smoke, heat, flame and manual Call-points may be mixed on the same circuit.
  4. 4. Fault monitoring of detector circuits, alarm sounder wiring, power supply and ground.
  5. 5. Alarm output signal can be delayed up to 64 seconds.
  6. 6. Detector circuits can be put into isolation mode up to 64 minutes.
  7. 7. Self test function of fault and alarm conditions.
  8. 8. Internal emergency battery provided.

Technical Specification

The control panel is normally mounted onto a bulkhead mounting type is available.

Technical Specification
Main Spec Descriptions
Type Conventional marine panel (P-type): 8 zone panel & 8 zone repeater
Input Rated Voltage AC110V ~ 220V (Free Voltage)
Output Rated Voltage DC27V ±5%
Power Circuit SMPS, Free Voltage
Battery DC 24V (Lead-Acid Battery: 2Ah)
Indicator LED Type
Main Circuit Micro Controller (PIC16C73)
Input Circuit A/D Circuit
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Operating Humidity 30% ~ 93%
Size 8 zone panel: 350mm X 400mm X 95mm
8 zone repeater: 320mm X 210mm X 80mm
Weight 8 zone panel: 10.3 kg , 8 zone repeater: 3.9 kg

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